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Welcome to Michigan Specialty Paper

 2017 brought exciting changes in our product line. Check out Forever Flex-Soft, a unique laser two-step film, transfers images to light or dark fabrics. Apply names, numbers or complicated designs to a range of garments eliminating the need for costly vinyl cutters. Forever Flex-Softs range of colors, from metallic blue to white, offer many possibilities. Extremely soft and long lasting, this film product takes decorating to a new level.Take a minute and look it over.

We are pleased to announce our latest addition, MSP Color Bright®. This is a first-class heat transfer paper, designed for the printing of photographs and graphic images onto light-colored fabrics and substrates using pigment inks. MSP Color Bright® has near perfect color release with excellent color retention through many washes. It transfers easily to T-shirts without the cut outline you see in many transfer papers. After washing the outline all but disappears leaving a soft, vibrant color design you can wear many times without fade. MSP Color Bright® stretches well and will make decorating fabrics a breeze. Order some today.

For all you crafters and hobbyists, take a look at our new Hotronix Craft Press. The Hotronix Craft Press is the little press with a mighty walloped. Compact, lightweight, durable and affordable, describe this best buy for hobbyists and crafters alike. A digital time and temperature display combined with over-the-center pressure control and smooth, cylinder assist open and closing make the Craft Press a best buy.

Remember to order on-line and take advantage of our Michigan Specialty Paper rewards program. Registered Michigan Specialty Paper customers are earning reward points for valuable discounts when they refer a friend, review a product or buy any of our products from this website. Check the Reward Points page for details. See for yourself, nobody else offers such a great free benefit! It’s simple to register at Michigan Specialty Paper and get exclusive Reward Points.

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Michael R. Hayball, CEO

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