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    Welcome to Michigan Specialty Paper

     Thanks for visiting Michigan Specialty Paper. We sell heat transfer paper and vinyl, heat presses and mini-t's, Teflon pressing sheets and a bunch of other products you can decorate clothing with. Select the Product or Equipment menu above to see what we sell. The MSP Resources menu takes you to our literature, video and gallery pages. Dig around while you're here and get acquainted with us.

    Speaking of videos, we have just updated our "How to Make a T-shirt with Heat Transfer Paper" video. This video shows how easy it is to decorate a t-shirt, with tips on picking inkjet printers, pressing and more. Please take a few minutes and watch it, then let us know how you liked it.

    We've had a really great year and want to thank all of our customers. You are all a part of our success. We have a simply philosophy, "if our customers are successful, we will be successful". It is a simple philosophy we live by every day. If you have a question about any of the products we sell, call us! We want to do everything we can to make your project a success.

    Our Michigan Specialty Paper rewards program is a hit. Registered Michigan Specialty Paper customers are earning reward points for valuable discounts when they take a poll, refer a friend, review a product or buy any of our products from this website. Check the Reward Points page for details. See for yourself, nobody else offers such a great free benefit!

    Jump into the future of on-line shopping today. It’s simple to register at Michigan Specialty Paper and get exclusive Reward Points.

    Best Wishes,
    Michael R. Hayball, CEO

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