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    INKJET PAPER Product Documentation

     > MSP Blue Back 

    This is a premium heat transfer paper designed to transfer images to light colored fabrics. Excellent stretch-ability and soft hand. Can be used with inkjet printers, crayons, markers & coloring pens. Judged to have outstanding clarity and color, MSP Blue Back reproduces designs faithfully using Nano-Surface technology quaranteed to impress.

    > MSP Color Bright 

    MSP Color Bright® is a first-class inkjet heat transfer paper, designed for the printing of photographs and graphic images onto light-colored fabrics and substrates using pigment inks. MSP Color Bright® has near perfect color release onto fabrics, with excellent color retention through many washes, producing a garment with superb stretchability and hand.

    > Neenah Jet-Pro SofStretch 

    Our most popular paper Neenah Jet-Pro SofStretch is designed to transfer images and photographs to light fabrics. Soft hand and excellent wash-ability.

    > Neenah Jet-Pro for Active Wear 

    This paper is designed for the heat transfer of photos and images using inkjet printers on to light-colored synthetic garments including stretchy performance wear. On synthetic fibers this paper has superior wash fastness and virtually no hand. NOT recommended for 100% cotton. 

    > Neenah Jet Opaque 

    Neenah Jet Opaque is designed for inkjet transfer of photo quality images on dark fabrics including hard surfaces.

    > Neenah 3G Jet Opaque 

    Neenah 3G Jet Opaque is designed for inkjet transfer of photo quality images on dark fabrics including hard surfaces.


    LASER PAPER Product Documentation

     > MSP Weed Free Light 

    MSP Weed Free Light paper for lasers is the easiest to use weedless, one-step paper on the market.

    > Neenah Laser 1 Opaque 

    Designed for the transfer of photos and designs onto light colored fabrics and substrates.

     > Neenah Image Clip Koncert T 

    Designed to replace the need for white vinyl letters and designs on pastel, dark and bright colored fabrics.

     > Neenah Image Clip Laser Dark 

    Designed for the heat transfer of full color images using color laser copiers or color laser printers to dark and bright colored substrates.

     > Neenah Image Clip Laser Light 

    A self-weeding heat transfer paper designed for the heat transfer of full color laser printer images to light colored substrates. It is ideal for cotton, 50-50 blends and polyester and leaves no polymer film windows.

     > Neenah Techni Print EZP 

    Designed for the transfer of photos and designs onto light colored fabrics and substrates.

    > FOREVER Flex-Soft (No-Cut) Printable Foil

    A ground-breaking two-step process designed for the transfer of images onto light and dark fabrics or hard surfaces using a laser printer. Our two-step printable foil system creates a vibrant image with no hand and great washability.



    HEAT APPLIED FOIL Product Documentation

     > MSP Heat Applied Foil

    MSP Heat Applied Foil is a heat applied metallic foil used to decorate fabric. MSP Heat Applied Foil colors and designs make ordinary t-shirts sparkle. Foil works easily on dark or light fabrics. It's as simple as applying a heat transfer.


    MAGNETIC SHEETS Product Documentation

     > MSP Printable Magnetic Sheets 

    Printable Magnet Sheets consist of matte white finish, photo quality paper on a magnetic sheet. Print on MSP Printable Magnetic Sheets with standard inkjet printers to produce school, home and office projects.


    SPECIALTY PRODUCTS Documentation 

     > ImageStix® 

    A removable and repositionable adhesive paper developed for commercial reproduction of  promotional materials, craft projects, pumper stickers, scrap-book art or crazy sticker creations made on a home computer or commercial reproduction equipment.

     > MSP BeDazzle ™ 

    MSP BeDazzle™ Gloss Pressing Sheets are overlay pressing sheets, used with inkjet transfer papers for light and dark garments to produce an image with a shiny, high-gloss look.


    HEAT TRANSFER Presses Documentation

     > Heat Transfer Press Comparison Chart 

    A comparison chart showing features of heat transfer presses offered for sale by Michigan Specialty Paper.


    TAPE Product Documentation 

     > MSP Tru-Position Heat Tape 

     An exceptional heat tape designed to secure placement of heat transfer images on various substrate materials where movement is unwanted. One of the most used items in a heat transfer work area.

    TEMPERATURE CONTROL Product Documentation

     > MSP Thermostrips 

    MSP Thermostrips check your press temperature. Simply put, thermostats control the heat and thermostats wear out. You usually don’t know your thermostat has gone caput until after you’ve made two or three bad shirts. That costs you money. MSP Thermostrips, used quarterly to check your heat press temperature will save you money. That makes better sense.


    TECHNICAL Papers

     > Tips on Using Heat Transfer Paper 

    General tips for using Inkjet and Laser heat transfer paper from. Excellent read for amateur or professional users.

     > MSP Paper Time,Temp and Pressure Chart 

    Chart displays time, temperature and pressure settings for various MSP papers.

     > MSP Clothing Imprint Position and Size Chart

    Chart displays Industry Standard Design Position and Size Chart for placement of heat transfer imprints; full fronts, crest, down arm, butt prints, etc.

     > MSP Ironing Instructions

    Detailed instructions for applying heat transfer paper using a hand iron.