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About Michigan Specialty Paper

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Michigan Specialty Paper sells high quality, affordable heat transfer products. Our primary focus is on customer service; we believe in good customer service. We are successful when our customers are successful. That is why we test every product we sell for quality and value, because if you do not have good products, you cannot give good service or value.

Neenah Paper manufactures our primary paper. Neenah manufacturers’ premium heat transfer paper that score high points for crisp colors, great wash-ability, and soft stretchable hand on a variety of materials.

We also sell our own MSP brand of heat transfer paper. We believe our MSP brand is comparable to Neenah's best for quality and performance. The MSP brand of transfer paper stands side-by-side with Neenah's paper in durability, look, feel and ease of use. Combine the advantages of both product lineups and you have a winning combination.

There are less costly heat transfer papers on the market, but we do not sell them. We want our customers to make products that look good. That is why all of our products are tested by the manufacturer, our suppliers, and then by us. If we do not like a particular product, we know you will not, so we will not sell it.

At Michigan Specialty Paper, we build successful partnerships with our customers guided by these four simple principles:

1. All our customers are our best customers.

2. We only sell the best products available.

3. We always strive to sell products with the best value.

4. We do not cheat the customer, but strive to balance price and profit so we can each be successful. 

In today’s competitive marketplace, chance often gets you the first order; your reputation gets you all the rest. Call Michigan Specialty Paper when you need transfer paper, you will not be disappointed. We promise.